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Among you but it 's only you . More Download. among-you-win.zip 15 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. CommanderDiamond678 4 days ago. Hey umm, when is Among Hunter releasing. Haven't seen it in your page. Reply. foxy the king gamer 50 days ago. in roblox. Reply. Lokithaplayz 50 days ago. Pls follow me on itch.io. Reply. Among you 0.07 .exe 12 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. im scared I downloaded this on my Microsoft and it has not powered on sence so don't download this game! Reply. themcmodmaker 88 days ago. VIRUS . Reply. Airplane among us 106 days ago (1 edit) itch.io · View all by. This is not a mod it is a game inspired by the one made by tokaint and among us is a game made by innersloth and is in no way associated with me. Use arrow or WASD keys to move. Get away from the imposters and find bodies. There are 3 imposters If you find 9 bodies you win The imposter is dumb and bouncy but he's pretty good with vent Among Us 2 comments · Replied to FadeBead1738 in Among Us 2 comments. amongyou. 199 days ago. That would be amazing!! A percentage should be shown at the task completion bar and when it reaches a certain percent (like 90%) , then the impostor can damage 1-3 finished tasks

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  1. Among Hunters. This game will never be allowed to receive any donations or payments. I will not be accepting any collabs or partnerships to make profit. [Do no redistribute this game for money or publicly] This was just a fun project I made for Youtube, and I am completely fine with taking down this game
  2. al application. It is entirely coded in JavaScript running in node.js
  3. Among us ModMenu ANDRIOD ONLY. A downloadable mod. Download Now Name your own price. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT/REVIEW and follow this is among us with a ModMenu with many options to use. I would recommend using UNLOCK ALL SKINS, LET'S AND HATS and can enter vent when crewmate and imposter and move in vent to turn invisible
  4. Among The End made by Coolboy118. Go Subscribe: https: Published: 21 days ago: Status: Released: Platforms: Android: Author: STAN Studios: Download. Download. Among The End app.apk 22 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. GreenCreeps 18 days ago. THIS IS SO GREAT I can't wait for it to come on the laptops. Reply.
  5. g cause i remember you made a game called among you but i the only.
  6. Download Now Name your own price Você conseguiu ejetar todos seus companheiros de equipe atras de um impostor, mas você não contava que ficar sozinha seria um destino pior. Jogo feito para a KoriJa

Among Us 3D by PelmeniBenni. Among Us 3D. A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price. I´m working on this Among Us 3D project and here is the secound test of it. I added some shitty Tasks and colors but its not really finished just for testing. You still cant kill or report because I'm still figuering it out The itch.io PC version of Among Us is no longer supported by the devs. If you aren't affected by the problems some of us have with Steam (like it being a known health risk since late 2019 with valve openly refusing to fix it), you can use the Steam key which is available on the download page Unreal Bird. Totally not flappy bird made in Unreal Engine with RTX support. FatDino. Action

If you sampled the killer of the body you found and extracted, his name will be called out in the analysis report. (Quick side note: the analysis report is written in german. The first info will be that the analysis of the DNA was started, the second one will tell you that the sampled DNA is getting analysed, the third gives you the number of players you sampled and the last one calls out if. Download the BepInEx Mod SetUp .ZIP file. Extract the contents into the root of your copied Among Us install. A prompt will show up asking if you want to replace the files; Select Yes to All (if this prompt didn't show up, you extracted it in the wrong place) You only have to do this once until a future update is necessary You are yet to realise the power you hold. Step into the shadows, taking up the role of an infamous underground contractor - a hard-working master of all trades that would get you sent to hell. No Honour Among Thieves is a queer, crime thriller visual novel that takes you on a suspenseful journey to con your way into the heart of a Mafia boss; what you do from there is up to you

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A modpack for Among Us. A modpack for Among Us. View all by TheGlitchyGames Creator; Follow TheGlitchyGames Follow Download. Download. v2021.4.14s 147 MB. Community. Post first topic. itch.io. Among The Studio. A downloadable game. Download Now Name your own price. Among The Studio is an interactive text-based adventure where you are visiting The Studio for the first time. With it, you'll be able to embrace the multitude of different drinks, items, and objects that allow you to experience many transformations This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game. No thanks, just take me to the downloads Included file Among Them. Support This Game. Your crewmates rejected you from the ship thinking you was an Impostor. But your spirit is back! Possess them, find out who voted against you and plan your revenge!!! Or maybe you prefer forgive them... Among Them is a narrative experience about friendship and traition based in the world of Among Us

Among the Sleep by KrillbiteStudio. Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort. The game explores horror through atmosphere and exploration, not with scores and combat systems Among Us pretty much a story but Thanks Innersloth for the original Among Tags: 2D, Action-Adventure, Singleplayer, Space: Download. Download. among_us_.html 191 kB. Download. among_us__.html 190 kB. Development log. Among Us 2. Feb 22, 2021. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. dab0ssgamer 20 days ago. cool. Reply. Thank you everyone and Itch.io! We've won in the top 10 of Devolver Digital's Disc Room Game Jam! Complete all the tasks before oxygens run out and you win the game. BUT THERE'S A DISC AMONG YOU Up to 3 players can be randomly assigned as traitor discs An infinite runner where the hornier you are, the faster you go! ninjamuffin99. Action. Among Us. An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-10 players. Innersloth. GIF. The Night Fisherman. itch.io · Community profile.

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Download the real among us game here: https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us. More information. Updated: 10 days ago: Status: Released: Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux: Release date: Jan 20, 2021: Rating (2) Author: The Low End Studios: Genre: Can you try and download the latest version on mac and test if it's working? Reply. Make the right call, use AU Detective to narrow down those pesky imposters. *Note* this app does not connect to Among Us in any way and is not intended for cheating / hacking. Get Among Us here: https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us give them your support! Space Theme font - Milosz3107. Maps created by Samurai-Pipotchi

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Click download now to get access to the following files: Among Us FPS.rar 45 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Zophax 62 days ago. I did a video on it! I would appreciate if you could give it a watch! Reply. Canami 49 days ago. I loved the video among us 3d. Available for Windows. View all by Krotonic Krotonic Download. Download. Among_Us.rar 371 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. mcduke1211 63 days ago. He Be Lookin Been. Reply. BaconGaming 66 days ago. Aww it's not for Android. Reply. PranjalTheGreat 67 days ago Among Us 3D. Among Us in first person view! Tanfor. Role Playing. Danger Isolation. Tanfor. Adventure. Heat Death. Game. Tanfor. Action. Reflection. Use the power of the reflection to escape from the cave. Tanfor. Puzzle. itch.io · Community profile.

Five Nights Among Us. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Hello Crewmate, you are on the night watch team for 5 nights. Please leave a rating of the game once you play it. If you post a video or stream gameplay please post a link to the game. Have fun : Download .zip file. Place in a folder on you desktop. Right click > Extract Here. Double click on Karlson.exe. Drink milk & Enjoy FNF Tankman Test by Bot Studio. FNF Tankman Test. Tankman from week 7 from Friday Night Funkin! Go crazy with his beeps and bops! Play on the web here on a PC/Mobile devices! If you want, if you have a windows computer, you can also download it with the download button below! Controls: Arrow keys to play the sounds (For mobile press D-pad button Among Eu1 year ago. this beta 5 has no mods and all things when i first downloaded it i was EPICLY Happy but now that i have build 17 ITS MORE BETTER THEN I THOUGHT here what you have in it: Mods,put random maps,CREATE maps,new guns,more maps,secret UFO,kick button (v) prone (z) and more cool stuff so buy ravenfield on steam if you want to have.

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  1. Among the trees is a 3D horror game about Daniel, his family and about the endless fight above us. What is happening above us every day? Is there a god or someone else? Play as Daniel and come into the new, creepy, unusual world. With twists and secrets at every corner, our game will scare you
  2. Download. Download. Interea-.1-pc.zip 238 MB. Download. Interea-0.1 Download. Interea0.1 -release.apk 221 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Viewing most recent comments 1 to 40 of 111 · Next page · Last page. Joemama123456789 1 oh you've all been sitting here waiting for and talking about the patreon update? i'm.
  3. This is How To Download Itch io Games Fast! In this download tutorial I'm gonna show you how to download any itch io games you want any genre any type! So ge..
  4. Among Us in Baldi's Basics A downloadable game for Windows This is the 2nd decompile i made, is about Among Us the popular game into Baldi's Basics Classic 1.3.
  5. how to download baldi cuphead mods. nightnick42. if u want you can download these mods. nightnick42. This is a Huge Mod I made, If you want to play this, I'm warning you there is loud stuff in this. TheEmeraldLegendURL. itch.io · Community profile.
  6. Among Trees by Fyn & Games. AMONG TREES is a one-page GM-less RPG about spending a night in the woods to recover from a hard day. It is about peace, comfort and the small things that bring you happiness. AMONG TREES can be played alone, or in a group. 28.11.20: Fixed Typos

Click download now to get access to the following files: Among us Lobby 3D Model by SarturXz.zip 297 kB. Render of 3D Model 396 kB. YouTube. Sartur Art Studio. 25 subscribers. Subscribe. [Blender Speed Modeling #6] Among Us Lobby 3D Model, Free VideoGame Asset (Read Description) Info This is a recreation of The Skeld map from my YT video about Among Us. This is NOT A MULTIPLAYER GAME, you'll find ONLY THE MAP inside.I can't release the whole game due to legal reasons. However, if you want to explore the map by yourself - you can download it

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The Among Us Companion Screen App. A downloadable tool for Windows. A note taking app made to be used in conjunction with the video game Among Us. If it is well received I may improve it, so feel free to throw me a follow and check back for updates. Immediate plans would be to add an adaptive task list that changes to fit the stage, a function. Among Us is already a horror game in the sense that it can freak you out but it's also fun and exciting, only minimal blood (which means no gore, only when you kill them a small spray of blood) and it is kind of like you have to try and pick together the pieces. So this is more scarier, Among Us is only a bit frightening Download -> Right click the app -> Get info -> Tick the box 'Open with Rosetta'. If the game deletes after download: 1) Download the itch.io application 2) Search for Stick It To The Stick Man on the itch.io application 3) Download the game from the itch.io applicatio

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  1. Among the Stars. A downloadable game for Windows. Buy Now $5.00 USD or more. J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars is a very well written and beautiful game, especially when you take into account that most of it was done by two people.. 9/10 - Kickstart Ventures. Overall I highly recommend this game, I think it might be somewhat of an.
  2. Among us, but it's a racing game. Among us, but it's a racing game. go to the chrome web browser, find this game on itch.io, download the file on this page, unzip it and run the executable. If you're downloading from the itch app, that's probably it
  3. Thanks to Adam Roy for creating it! You can find Adam @adnroy on Twitter and on Itch.io at https://adnroy.itch.io/. You can play the game on Twitter at @among_stars_. Thanks to Matthew R.F. Balousek for creating it, who can be found on Twitter @mrfb and on itch at https://mrfb.itch.io/
  4. AMONG US: SHOOTER GAME. A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price. Shooter game among us. Shoot imposters with a shotgun. 1-2 CHANGE WEAPONS. Lots of bugs included. Status. Released
  5. 's games. Don't download this mod if you didn't save the original textures of among us. I only know that the mod works in the Steam/oficial version. I didn't change the Polus ground because it isn't editable

Kingmaker is an adult game, and passion project of some random nerd who thought mixing the elements of a dating sim, a prince trainer, and a kingdom manager was a good idea. In this game you will play as the prince of a petty kingdom, whose road to the throne is less than certain. His lands are ravaged by war, scheming lords, debt, factionalism. Among Dots by Among dots. Among Dots. Support This Among Dots. AmongDots is a 2d platform which is mixed between pac-man and Amongus . Just Collect Dot to Complete 4 tasks. Add more stage in next Update. Have Fun. More information. Status

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  1. Among Me. Support This Game. AMONG ME Can you tell the difference between your past self and an impostor? Try it for yourself in this game where your only enemy is YOU! You are stuck in a time travel loop! The game only takes 10 seconds to play in objective time! itch.io · View all by.
  2. Meanwhile, the government-enforced superhero program draws mixed reactions among the populace. Not that it matters much to you. You're flat broke, living in a rundown apartment in the city's outskirts. While job-hunting, you're unexpectedly recruited by a civil servant - who, as it turns out, seems to be a super dork in his own right
  3. Among Us 2 comments · Posted in Among Us 2 comments amongyou 253 days ago How about giving the impostor a one time copy color or no color for all players for 10s
  4. Play in your browser. More information. Status: Released: Platforms: HTML5: Ratin
  5. g 167 days ago. Yes this will be a.
  6. Among Them (Name totaly not inspired by a recent party game) One good enemy is hiding among the bad enemies, protect him while trying to kill the other ones. But!!! it's not as simple as it sounds! you can only know which one is good at the start, so you must remember which one it is

Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter. Dani. Actio Once in a while you might find an infected game on Itch.io, that is why it is best to go for the most downloaded games. Basically, if you choose a game that no one has downloaded, you're taking a gamble. The best thing to do is simply scan your games when you download them. When you download a game, you receive it in a zip file Hi and welcome to my Itch.io page :) I'm Livander from Indonesia, here you can play the games that I made from the very beginning of my Gamedev journey until now. Follow my page to get notifiers whenever I upload new games. Attack on Titan 3D: Glory of Shiganshina (Alternate Ending if Levi Appeared on Episode 1 Do you like action, parkour & shooting?! well you came to the wrong place, but i can offer you some milk at least. Karlson is a milk-infused fellow, on a mission to take down anyone in his way to secure the milk

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Download Now Name your own price You Awaken in a Strange Place is a fully improvised, one-shot TTRPG for 4 players that requires zero preparation and only a few hours of your time. Follow the game's instructions to determine the Game Master, the setting, the characters, and all the details of world building on the fly Download. SwitchModUpdate1.zip 258 6 days ago. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. pump_and_skid34 2 days ago. Reply. eggwhy 3 days ago. i dont think stress meaning I rechart and add some little touches to the mod. I'm very excited for the new updates, and I hope you are too! Reply. ElecWaffles 11 days ago (1. Love that the creator search up among us drip transparent png and picked the first result, so I was wondering if you could port the sky mod for browser. Reply. fortnite_da_convertible 26 days ago (-1) he got banned . Reply. Zonic The Fool 29 days ago. MY DOG. Reply. itch.io · View all by. Any help you can give will be invaluable. The benefits that you'll get from supporting the game range from cheat codes, all nude mode, polls to decide characters and kinks, early builds, among other goodies. Subscribestar. Patreon Discord server. Please join us so you share ideas and recommendations, report bugs, and simply chat with us

INI ADALAH GAME YANG TERINSPIRASI DARI AMONG US . DAN ADA FITUR-FITUR MENARIK LHOO. BURUAN DOWNLOAD. FITUR BARU-FIX ALL BUG-LEVEL BARU Click download now to get access to the following files: AMONG ID 32.rar 66 MB. AMONG ID 64.rar 70 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Informal Games 136 days ago. sucks. Reply. ORIGINAL GAME: https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin. More information. Status: Released: Category: Game mod: Platforms: Windows: Rating (12) Author: if it is not windows then you cant do it like if you have a chrome you cant download it but if your on a windows then you can download it. Reply. Lore64 8 days ago. you give up. Reply. credits+instructions are in the instructions document but if you're too lazy to read: instructions: extract the folder drag or copy+paste the sharedassets files into the Among_Us_Data folder there's your mod. credits: siivagunner for the body report music timmyturnersgranddad for the game start music pilotredsun for bodybuilde

Download. Download Now Name your own Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Viewing most recent comments 1 to 40 of 88 · Next page · Last page. coollee 42 days ago. the cat is so cute, the colors and sound are excellent too but I can't jump in the you don't, its a very short game anyway though so I'm sure you can. Basically Among Us but as a First Person Shooter. Play with your friends! Available for Windows View all by Download. Among Us FPS.zip 64 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Mr Cheese2122 177 days ago (+1) itch.io · View all by. Among Us comments · Replied to 112028 in Among Us comments Mr Cheese 47 days ago I think that they are working on something and they blocked it off so innersloth can work on a bug or glitc You would have to move the original Assembly-CSharp to a new folder in Managed, open that ith dnspy, move the mod menu to where the original CSharp script used to be and open the mod menu in dnspy. Then look at what scripts are different in the - namespace Among Us 3D version by Universo Ultra This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game

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Among the Stars is a very well written and beautiful game, especially when you take into account that most of it was done by two people. 9/10 - Kickstart Ventures Overall I highly recommend this game, I think it might be somewhat of an unexpected treasure for those who love old style point and click adventures I spent a while refining these camera mechanics, among other VR optimisations, so thanks in advance if you choose to try this version out! * thank you for 200,000 downloads across itch.io and steam:) * Check out my other exploration games Replica,puzzle platformer where you have to replicate and be connected with your replica! Controls: 1) A and D to move the player left and right. 2) Space to Jump. 3) W to create R eplica Bodies. 4) Left click on the player to transform player's spirit among his connected replica bodies. 5) Right Click on the replica bodies to return them to. Who stood for equality among races and peace above all. Origins is VN in progress where you play as...(Insert Name Here) - (Default Name: Kenji). An individual with a complex past, and even more complex future! If you like the game, please support it Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Space Kosti 166 days ago (+1) I enjoyed your.

1st you need to installer that you download. 2nd copy the shadderasset0 or whatever it's called. 3rd paste the shadderasset0 to your among us data.... 4th enjoy playing with Dream, George and Sapnap bandan HOW WE KNOW WE'RE ALIVE is a free hour long melancholy, point-and-click narrative mystery set in the bible belt of Sweden.. Welcome to Härunga - a small industrial town in the bible belt of the mid-north of Sweden. You play as Sara, an aspiring writer who, after having been away for 10 years, returns home in order to investigate the tragic fate of her estranged best friend 2. If you have opened the inventory or team menu or found an item, the buttons will not work until you close that window. 3. If the game still freezes, wait until next Tuesday, I'm preparing a large patch that will fix most of the problems. Also, it would help me if you told me what system you play on Download. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: Gacha_Club.zip 95 MB. Also available on. itch.io.

Among Guys is a 4 - player local Download the zip file. 2) Extract the AmongGuys.zip file. 3) Run AmongGuys.exe file. Enjoy : ) Download. Download. AmongGuys.zip 129 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. ShOcK_RoCk 143 days ago (+2) Bro This Is A Great Game You Should Add More Maps And Add Grabbing Download. GMTK.zip 23 MB. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. jbjackjr 36 days ago. This is very nice game in my option i hope you continue this series . Reply. ezez game 188 days ago (+1 Among all the sanitation measures and malfunctioning robots, you are a student desperate to save their locked up director from the evil robot teachers. Craft weapons in order to pass each level and find out why the robots are malfunctioning Drafft. Drafft is a sleek, efficient game development tool that will seriously boost your HP and take the art of game design to another level.. Main Features: GDD (Game design Document) editor. Scripting editor. Non linear branching dialogue tree editor . Much more! Drafft aims to reduce file clutter and provide a centralized hub for all the various aspects of your game development process

If you have a Mac or Linux the Program won't work due to it only being windows based, you can try to contact germ food via twitter and get a refund, or even itch.io itself, but non of these garentuees your refund of $1.93 USD FanGame de Among Us pero versión 3D, Click download now to get access to the following files: Among Us 3D Windows.rar 23 MB. Development log. UPDATE is COMING. Dec 08, 2020. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. itch.io · View all by. or you can add the alternative files into the plugins folder of an Among Us thats already modded. Game mod: Author: ItzJoey: Download. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: ALTERNITIVE Drag Into Plugins If using In Pre-Modded 311 kB. Reactor Lab Map 5 MB. Leave a comment. Log in with itch.

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Ghost hunters themed hack of Takuma Okada's Alone Among the Stars. View all by Cookware Games Download. Download. Among The Dead.pdf 291 kB. Leave a comment. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. itch.io. The game consists of three levels, each containing their own unique ambiences which fit their visual aesthetic. These ambiences are purely diegetic, consisting of howling wind, ethereal gong beats, flowing water, and the player's footsteps, among others Disclaimer: This game is still a WIP and currently under revision/remake.Download and test at your own risk. >:) Born of my neverending love for the Sly Cooper franchise, Honor Among Thieves is a pen and paper Tabletop Role Playing Game about the thievish activities of a group of criminals, trying to get by in any way possible (often breaking the law in doing so) Among Ripples is an ecosystem management simulator; you add different creatures to the lake and see how they interact and what situations arise. It does not explicitly tell the player what you're supposed to do; there is a learning process which will take part during playing and experimenting

Diep io - Tanks io Online by poisonedsea

I want to be able to clear my saves and start the story entirely fresh, because I loved unlocking the rest of the story content over subsequent playthroughs, but I haven't found any options anywhere for doing it - uninstalling and reinstalling the game didn't help, nor did uninstalling from the Itch platform and downloading the game directly, and I'd love if anyone has a solution for this or. Just you average clicker. More information. Status: In development: Platforms: Android: Author: HypoDe The trailer is your channel? I watched the last video since I assumed it was the finished result (although the thumbnail still showed not much effort) and it's just where the character of 'Among Us' is just bobbing up and down to the music. That's what it looks like, anyways. Very disappointed. I will not download from here until things are. What Makes You Stand Out Among Your Peers? Witness the life of a high school girl names Shiela. She's never lived the best life but she does her best to endure everything that she goes through and bear witness on her thoughts and ideology on her life

Among Hunters by Tokaint - Itch

You sussy. My guy got some drip . Kid you better follow my tiktok - @ch_a_n. Here u go kids- https://hdboye.github.io/FnfModAttempt/drip/ Play it or your gay. Bet. When you download it you will download desktop goose extractor. Open the extractor and click extract; A new folder will be created in you're downloads (Unless you changed the location) Then click GooseDesktop.exe; If you want to close desktop goose you can Hold Esc or Open the Close Goose.bat fil Welcome to Among Ripples: Shallow Waters, an eco tycoon sim focused on maintaining balance in lakes and rivers. The water bodies are filled with different creatures that needs your help. In the game you focus on saving nature from different hazards and problems If you are a developer or simply someone that needs the name Among Drip: The Videogame for his game on Itch, I can change mine with no problem. This game is more of a shitpost than anything. You can contact me by mail: zaskoki1mail(at)gmail.com Various credits are in the credits.txt file

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Basically Among Us but with Story Mode. Play in your browser. View all by Arvie K Arvie K; Follow Arvie K Follow Following Arvie K long time since I've been on itch.io. Reply. Arvie K 74 days ago (-2) Welcome back. Reply. gamr moment 84 days ago (1 edit) (+1) also you should update the how to screen because it still says there are 4 crewmates

fuck [Among Us] [Skin Mods]The Handheld Game Console Encyclopedia by DaddaRuleKongeRunaway Magic by SerpentWorks GamesRetro Pixel Kingdoms by Perpetual Diversion
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